LAUTECH CRISIS: An Interview With ASUU Chairman

For over eight months, lecturers and non-academic staff at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology downed tools due to non-payment of salaries and allowances.
The staff also complained of others issues like inadequate funding of the university, jointly owned by the Osun and Oyo state governments.
In January, the owner states gave the university N500 million and the management called for a reopening of the institution. However, the lecturers, ASUU, said they would not resume.
In this exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES’ Olanrewaju Samuel, the chairman of ASUU at the university, Biodun Olaniran, spoke on his members’ decision.
Mr. Olaniran, a senior lecturer in Entomology / Pesticide Toxicology, also spoke on funding of the university, corruption and other issues.
PREMIUM TIMES: The current shutdown rocking LAUTECH has caused a lot of controversies, can you tell us the genesis of the whole disagreements?
ASUU CHAIR: The disagreements emanated from non-release of subventions to the university and subsequent use of internally generated revenue to offset salaries.
PREMIUM TIMES: How has LAUTECH been surviving till now? Why wait till the debt owed got to tune of N7.6 billion before acting?

And Furthermore...

The other thing that's getting up my nose about Neil Gorsuch and his 'originalist' approach to the law is that he writes essays about how if you don't like the law you should work to elect legislators that can change the law, then leave it to the judiciary to adjudicate.

This is in perfect alignment with Gorsuch originalist views, which leave anything not explicitly in the constitution up to the states. The issue is twofold. For starters (as explained in earlier posts) the constitution itself is a historical document, written by some well-meaning people with no concept of modern society. The second issue is that the legislative system itself is broken: the poor are being disenfranchised at every opportunity, the system is rife with corruption and more influenced by money than the actual will of the people, and also your elected legislators pass some very, very bad laws. If you are a bible-humping neocon like Gorsuch you just shrug and say well, abortion isn't explicitly mentioned in the constitution, and all life is precious because Jesus died for our sins and God loves you, so I hope you enjoy your pregnancy and resulting unwanted child and also it's too bad your insurance doesn't cover birth control but hey that's the way it goes. Not sure what coddled world he lives in, but applying leverage through the legislative branch is not an option for much of the country. It's almost as though he doesn't care, which, hey, about that...

Gorsuch also approves of discrimination on religious grounds. This has been couched as 'religious freedom', which: lol. It is actually a form of enabled discrimination. Most famously it entitles your employer to pick and choose your health care coverage to exclude contraception, because they don't believe in it. Can you imagine working at a place and finding out that basic contraception is not covered because your employer doesn't think you should have access to birth control? I think it's perfectly fair if they provided no coverage at all, but why do they get to choose what is and is not covered? Hobby Lobby was able to get this through the court because they convinced the (five male, Catholic) justices that their belief that certain contraceptives cause abortions (a provably false claim, btw), and providing those contraceptives to their employees is a violation of their religious freedom. In other words: hey I believe this to be true because Jesus, and you can't tell me otherwise, because Jesus. And hey what a weird coincidence that all you guys are Catholic and are voting against a womans right to reproductive health!

This is what we are up against. The ghost of Scalia lives on, and thinking people must keep putting that man and his discriminatory views in the trash where they belong.

Governed by a Minority Theocracy

Donald Trump was elected by a minority of American voters, and he won the election because the United States uses the electoral college, a system put in place as a concession to slave states with low voting populations. This is just one of many, many fuck ups from our great 'founding fathers', a collection of rich white men who didn't want to pay their taxes (but did want to own slaves, obvs). I'll give them credit: they were willing to die for it, which counts for something.

As a result of this minority election victory, Trump gets to nominate an appointment to the Supreme Court, and his first nomination is a deeply religious man who holds Scalia in high regard. Many conservatives do, as Scalia was their flag bearer on the court for decades: a great friend to big business, to religion, to discrimination, and especially to bigotry, all in the name of a strict interpretation of the 'letter' of the law. Reports indicate that Gorsuch will vote against a woman's right to an abortion, perhaps because it is not explicitly mentioned in the constitution, but more likely because he is a religious nutjob that wants to impose his religious views on as many people as possible. 

Religious dogma is rubbish whether it is coming from a bible-humping neocon like Gorsuch or a koran-humping imam, and it belongs in the trash. Gorsuch reportedly prefers to determine constitutional law based on the intentions of our founding fathers, who, as I have reported in this space before: thought slavery should be legal; did not think women or anyone who did not own land should be allowed to vote; believed firmly in oligarchy; did not believe in an income tax; and did not have the benefit of what we would now consider even the most basic science education. (Your three year old that washes their hands after using the toilet knows more about germ theory of disease than they ever did. Think about that for a minute.) Their gross ignorance in matters of science and physics aside, I feel comfortable saying that maybe those guys weren't as great as people make them out to be. Anyone trying to figure out what the founding fathers intended should remember that they put it to a vote and most of them decided that, on the whole, slavery was cool and good and why would we ever let a woman vote are you insane? 

One thing they were clear on was the separation of church and state (from that hallowed slaveowner Thomas Jefferson!), but that's another area where Trump, et. al. are doing all they can to ignore and revoke your rights, and it's another thing that Muslims and Christians have in common: they both believe they have God on their side, and their righteousness and piety will lead all of us to glory. Fuck them and fuck their nonsense. It deserves your contempt, and you should reject it without exception. 

Here's the key point: religious dogma injected into your government deserves your contempt regardless of what is written in the US constitution, because it is a terrible way to govern. 

The constitution was written by a bunch of men that didn't have the benefit of a modern college education, or the foresight of what our country would become. That's our job as citizens: to move forward. Trying to interpret what they 'intended' by reading the tea leaves makes as much sense as trying to fly an airplane by talking to someone on the ground that died 200 years ago. 

Neil Gorsuch is probably a very nice man, kind to his children, good to his friends. He is also a man that wants to enforce his religious views on as many people as possible. I say no to that, and no to government by a minority theocracy. Resist


Hello friends! 
I started a long post about President Clownshoes Trump's inaugural address. It was topical and relevant and interesting and depressing as hell. So I tabled it for now. 

I do want to point out that the same yahoos who have spent the last 8 years making false accusations about how you cannot trust the government are now in charge, and they are working overtime to make their wildest dreams come true. Irony is real. 

I had more comments about current events but I'm not in the mood. Instead, here is a picture of a pony in a sweater. 

The Snowflake Man

A short documentary film about Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley, pioneer of snowflake photography. I've seen his wonderful photos before, but here you'll see his setup, combined from microscope and camera, and Snowflake Man at work:

Here you'll find all snowflake videos.

Hot Jam of the Week: Bleachers and Charli XCX - Rollercoaster

I don't do much these days, surgery recovery and all. I could write a blog about Destiny (the game) but I'd rather be playing Destiny (the game) than write about it. So let's hear some music!

Apparently this is a cover? I never heard the original and don't much care. This is three minutes of pop perfection. Enjoy.

Russian Literature Can Be Funny: The Possessed by Elif Batuman

In between the economics books* and the history books I like to mix in something that isn't history or economics. I'm not picky as long as the alternative reading is easier to get through than 700 page books on history or economics (or the history of economics).

To wit: This is a very good and funny collection of essays about a topic in which I have only a peripheral interest (Russian literature). It is said by pretentious a-holes those who purport to know that you cannot truly understand Russian literature unless you can read it in the original language. I have heard this enough times that I guess I believe it? I'm not going to learn Russian so it's not verifiable.

This is a very interesting and funny book about capital-l Russian Literature, and about academia, and about intellect, and about reading, about relationships, and about investing time and effort and energy in the pursuit of those things. If it is true that you cannot fully appreciate Russian Literature without mastering Russian, then this is probably a better use of your time anyway. And you can always read the original works later, if that's your thing. Anna Karenina is rubbish. Or 'the best novel ever written', depending on who you ask. lol nah - it's more boring than econ books.

* This is more than a little unfair as the Piketty is very accessible and well written, but there's only so much you can do with the driest of dry subject matter. Credit to Piketty and his translator for making it as good as it is.


The Flying Antelopes began their season with a shock defeat, while MFM breezed aside Niger Tornadoes

ABS FC 3-1 Akwa United

ABS FC started the 2017 Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) season with a 3-1 win over Akwa United at the Kwara Stadium Complex.

Goals from Mohammed Mohammed, Stone Evbuomawan and Abubakar Chindo gave Henry Makinwa's side a comfortable victory in the Week 1 fixture.
ABS FC were rewarded for the pressure they mounted on the Solid Miners as Metu delivered a superb cross to the box and Mohammed headed beyond goalkeeper Olufemi Kayode in the 12th minute.

Against the run of play, Akwa United were back on level terms and it was a moment of brilliance from Ifeanyi Ifeanyi whose corner kick met the head of Godspower Igudia on the 20 minutes mark.

Metu was the man for the big occasion once as he was brought down by Ottobong Effiong in the penalty box. Stone made no mistake in converting from the spot on the half hour.
Substitute Chindo provided the "insurance goal" when he controlled a cross field pass before side footing past Kayode.

Enugu Rangers 1-2 Abia Warriors

Home fans at the Cathedral were silenced as Abia Warriors shocked Enugu Rangers 2-1 on Sunday.

It was always going to be a tough ride for the Flying Antelopes and they paid a big price in the first Oriental Derby of the season.

The NPFL defending champions took the lead in the opening ten minutes thanks to former Sharks striker Fortune Omoniwari.
The Ochendo Babes responded almost immediately through Emeka Isaac, whose lovely lifted drive went past goalkeeper Nana Bonsou.

Hosts Rangers came out determined in the second half but it was the visitors who snatched the winner.

Godwin Zaki held his nerves to score from the penalty spot eighteen minutes from time.

Rivers United 2-1 El-Kanemi Warriors

Title favourites, Rivers United endured a late scare to claim a 2-1 win over El-Kanemi Warriors at the Yakubu Gowon Stadium.

Guy Kuemian gave the home fans something to cheer when he struck a masterful finish in the first-half of the game.

The Pride of Rivers found themselves on comfortable grounds after Kuemian's opening goal.

With Warriors playing under the pressure and needing a good result they pressed but were left further disappointed when Emeka Oghugh was on target in the 89th minute.

But the Desert Warriors were unrelenting and Bello Korfamata pulled one back for them at injury time.

MFM FC 3-0 Niger Tornadoes

MFM FC ran riot over Niger Tornadoes by winning 3-0 at the Agege Stadium.
Fidelis Ilechukwu's MFM started the game as the brightest side; they had two corner-kicks in the space of three minutes with the sole aim of getting the first goal.

They broke the deadlock in the 25th minute through Sikiru Olatunbosun.
MFM kept the pressure on the away side and in the 28th minute registered the second goal from usual source Stephen Odey.

The home lads took total control of the game as they toyed with the Ikon Allah Boys with their swift and juicy football.
It was 3-0 in the 31st minute of play as Adekunle Adegboyega registered his name on the scoresheet this time.

Shooting Stars 2-0 Lobi Stars

Shooting Stars got the revenge that they wanted after humbling Lobi Stars 2-0 at the Lekan Salami Stadium for their first win of the season.

Afolabi Abdulwahab scored the opener in the 22nd minute from Apena Babatunde's assist. Abdulwahab could have doubled the tally in the 32nd minute, but his shot missed the target.

Substitute Sunday Faleye extinguished the slim hope of Lobi Stars with the second goal in the 66th minute.

Kastina United 2-1 Gombe United

Tasiu Lawal set the ball rolling for Katsina United on their return to the league of big boys.

The former Niger Tornadoes forward was on target as Katsina United got the better of Gombe United 2-1 at the Karkanda Stadium.
In the opening 15 minutes of the highly entertaining fixture, two goals had been netted.

Lawal scored the curtain raiser in the eighth minute before Manir Ubale equalised six minutes later.
Suleiman's goal which arrived four minutes after the half hour was crucial for the hosts who held on to the three points at stake.

Wikki Tourists 0-0 Nasarawa United

Wikki Tourists were left frustrated after being held to a goalless draw at home by Nasarawa United.

The Giant Elephants are in ninth position after failing to get a win at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium in Bauchi.
Kabiru Dogo's wards defended resolutely in the match and made no mistake at the back.

Nasarawa United had their goalkeeper Suraj Ayeleso to thank as he produced point blank saves during the game.
The Solid Miners can increase their stock with victory over Enugu Rangers in the week two of the 2017 NPFL on Wednesday.

Remo Stars 1-2 Plateau United

It was an unforgettable top-flight debut for Remo Stars who crashed 2-1 to Plateau United at the Gateway Stadium in Sagamu.

Both teams opened the game with a lot of vigor with each trying to out do the other.
John Kim opened the scoring midway through the first half, before Victor Mbaoma responded just before the break with a clinical header.
Golbe Elisha sealed the win for the Peace Boys seven minutes into the second stanza.

Enyimba FC 1-0 Sunshine Stars

Former NPFL champions Enyimba got their campaign off to a flying start with a 1-0 win over visiting Sunshine Stars of Akure.

The Akure Gunners were undone by a solitary goal from Mustapha Ibrahim.
Both teams cancelled each other out in the midfield with Enyimba gaining the upper hand in terms of possession but never look threatening in the visitors 18-yard box after 20 minutes.

Enyimba's attack, led by gangling striker Mustapha, found crown goalkeeper Olorunleke Ojo a tough act to beat as he repeatedly produced save after save.
The first-half winner by Mustapha was enough for the two-time Caf Champions to edge the Akure based Stars.

NowThis: Amazing macro photographs of snowflakes

Nice video clip by NowThis News features my snowflake photos:

Amazing Macro Photographs of Snowflakes

These up-close photos of snowflakes are incredibly fascinating

Posted by NowThis 14 January 2017 г.

And here is four similar videos - by The LAD Bible, MinuteBuzz, and Enjoy.Science:

Amazing snowflakes

These snowflakes are awesome

Posted by The LAD Bible 15 January 2017 г.

Il filme des flocons de neige en gros plan pour un résultat in...

Tout un univers magique et onirique qui se dévoile 😮

Posted by minutebuzz 17 January 2017 г.

La spettacolare struttura dei fiocchi di neve posti sotto la "...

Fotografare un fiocco di neve in modo così nitido non è per niente semplice, ma questo fotografo ha sviluppato una tecnica personale ;-)
Scopri di più sulla tecnica di Alexey Kliatov:

Posted by 21 January 2017 г.

Magnified snowflakes

Now you can marvel at their beauty without fearing lest they melt.
via Alexey Kljatov,

Posted by Smart is the New Sexy 17 January 2017 г.

Here you'll find all snowflake videos.

Snowflake wallpaper: Sunflower

Unusual snow crystal Sunflower now available as Ultra HD wallpaper:

Snowflake photo wallpaper: Sunflower, resolution up to Ultra HD 4K, standard and widescreen, 4:3, 5:4, 16:10 and 16:9 - free download

Wallpaper available in screen proportions 4:3, 5:4, 16:10 and 16:9, resolutions from 800x600 pixels (SVGA) to 3840x2160 (Ultra HD 4K).

Daft Science: COINS Brings the Noise

A guy (COINS) made a bootleg record of Daft Punk and the Beastie Boys. This is the best track by some distance, but the others are worth a listen if you are the type of person that enjoys some Daft Punk or some Beastie Boys. This remix, and this project, is over two years old(!!). I finally caught up with it this year, so that's fun. Enjoy. 


Sam Harris is smart. And occasionally funny. But mostly smart.

Hot Jamz from Earlier This Year: Bury It by CHVRCHES, remixed by Gareth Emery

No idea how long this song will stay up on soundcloud - it might stick because the audio quality is not very good. If not then just go here - it's the first song in the mix. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


This is a hangover 'cure' from Chubbies. Apparently it's the same thing the WHO recommends if you have cholera. I haven't had a cholera type hangover recently but still: thanks, Chubbies.

Dr. Connor's Hangover Cure:
  • 1 liter of water
  • 6 teaspoons of sugar
  • A half teaspoon of salt
  • Squeeze of lemon or lime for flavoring

Happy New Year! Now Get Up and Get Going

Photo was taken earlier this year after my friend Tim and I had worked ourselves into a right state on the Assault bikes*. We both died. You can see the outline of my body on the ground left over from before I began the resurrection. (RIP, Tim.) Visited with Tim about this photo yesterday and he said, "I didn't even know you were dead too. I thought I was dead all by myself." Good focus, Tim. But no, I was also dead.

There's a life lesson in there somewhere and I think it is this: man tights are a-ok but sleeves will make you weak.

Good luck in 2017. See you out there.

* Yeah that's what they are actually called. It's an airdyne, but it needed a new name because IP infringement and all that. 

CONFIRMED: Tiwa Savage and Teebillz are back together

Jan 1, 2017 • Tiwa Savage and Teebillz are planning to get back as husband and wife, although they’re yet to start living together.

On April 28, 2016, two days after been quiet on their second wedding anniversary, Teebillz lashed out at his wife via Instagram. He cited claims that music stars including Dr. Sid, Don Jazzy and 2face Idibia have separately had sexual relations with his lover.

Tiwa Savage responded with a masterstroke interview that made Nigerians keep vigil on April 30, 2016. The singer dismissed the cheating allegations and other claims leveled against her.

Tiwa and Tunji (Teebillz) are back for good, but they haven’t finalized the reconciliation process because it takes time,’