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John Oliver is strong to very strong.
5 minutes of video, but you will need sound.

Nightmare Fuel: Spider Eats a Mouse

This is all over the interwebs (HONK!) but it's worth revisiting here.

Photo shows a huntsman spider carrying off a small mouse that he, you know, killed, and is going to go eat. A bit of take-away, if you will. Take out? Whatever they call it down under. Who cares? Australia is terrifying. Everything there is poisonous. Even the mammals.

Snowflake flash drives from USB Memory Direct

An American company USB Memory Direct specializes in producing USB flash drives with custom shape, color and print on drive's surface, and has been a leader in the industry for over fourteen years. They can make flash drive case from many materials: plastic, metal, silicone, rubber, and even wood and leather. The company offers wide range of drive shapes and designs - more than 50, and will even make exclusive shape, based on drawing or sketch that you'll provide them!

For my order, i instantly selected these twist drives: this nice hexagonal shape is great for snowflake design. For logo background, i've picked silhouette of big snowflake Silverware / Neon.

The result looks even better than i expected. I'm impressed by drives exclusive look:

Custom flash drives by USB Memory Direct (www.usbmemorydirect.com): white hexagonal design with light blue snowflake logo
Snowflake flash drive: angle 1

Flash drives in my order already formatted in FAT32 file system and instantly ready to work.

I like print quality very much: logo printed directly on drive case, it's glossy, have good resolution, contrast and colors, and smooth blue/white gradient in the middle of logo looks perfectly even at magnified photo:

Snowflake flash drives by usbmemorydirect.com (USB Memory Direct): twist drive with hexagonal design and blue on white logo
Snowflake flash drive: angle 2

I'm very pleased by drive pack from USB Memory Direct, and certainly will make new orders in the future! I recommend this company for anyone who need custom flash drives with exclusive look and feel.

Pack of 25 custom flash drives by USB Memory Direct (usbmemorydirect.com): twist drives in white hexagonal design with blue logo
Pack of 25 custom flash drives by USB Memory direct

Your "Smart" Watch is Disposable Trash

Do You Know What Time It Is?
Let's get this out of the way up front: "Smart" watches are trash. I understand that this is a warm to hot take but I feel good about it. Let's unpack their disposable trash-ness.

Some context: In 1992 I bought a stainless steel (unusual for that time, when most Casio cases were resin) Casio Pentagraph DW-7200. I think I paid the princely sum of $120, which is about $200 today, so it was at the high end of the Casio range, mainly because of stainless case and screw down backing. Browsing the internets it seems that most people bought this thing because it looked cool: they liked the dials on the front (hence: 'pentagraph').

Since then I have replaced the band four or five times, and the battery once(!). It is no longer waterproof to 200M but it has served admirably for the past 20+ years. The only threat to its continued service is my own negligence. At this point it's the most reliable object I have ever owned. If everything else I bought lasted this long then the glorious consumer engine that is the American economy would shudder to a screeching halt. And it looks pretty good for what is now officially a 'vintage' Casio.

Contrast this functional, robust instrument with whatever 'smart' watch you like. This device has almost none of the features you can find on your Series 1* Apple "watch" (no retina display, no bluetooth -lulz, no wifi- lulz, no heart rate sensor, no 'watch os2' - whatever that is). It also doesn't have "up to 18 hours of battery life", which is a very interesting feature to offer in a device that is supposed to report the time and date, and also: are you fucking joking? What kind of asshole buys a 'watch' that can't even tell the time for at least 18 hours?

There are other watches that perform marginally better, but for the most part the pattern is the same. It's a micro-computer that integrates with the mini-computer in your pocket or purse, and in that role it is barely adequate. It does do some things, but you can get all of those things from your phone and a fitbit.

Also, let's be honest about what a 'smart' watch is: it's an excuse for someone to check their email and text messages without getting out their phone. So it gives you a new and novel way to be that asshole that is constantly checking your phone. Congratulations?

Will anyone be using these 'smart' watches in 20 years? Hell no. 10 years? No. Five years? Umm, no. In two or three years they will all be obsolete. And you will buy a new one, and then you have a growing collection of junk watches that won't even be as useful as the early-gen Ipods, which were at least viable as external hard drives.

Please don't buy a 'smart' watch. They are bad and dumb, and you are neither of those things. Right? Right.

* Note that the Series 1 is the old, even more trash version than the new version - Apple loves selling you overpriced disposable consumer items more than anyone. Don't people get tired of planned obsolescence?

LAUTECH Released First Batch of 2016/2017 Admission Lists

The general public, especially UTME candidates, who applied to LAUTECH for
admission during the ongoing (2016/2017) Admission Exercise, are hereby notified that the first batch of successful candidates has been released.

Candidates are advised to check their admission status by logging on to the university's website


Best wishes.

Trolley Problem: Solved

Bit late to this but if you are familiar with the Trolley Problem then you will probably enjoy this creative solution. Kid gets a perfect score for fairness; empathy score is, ahhhh, somewhat lower.

Short summary of the Trolley Problem - a runaway 'trolley' is barreling down tracks towards five people. The resulting, inevitable crash will kill all involved. You can intervene by pulling a lever so that the trolley switches to a different track, killing only one person. What would you do?

Trump Sandwich

Much like the man himself - we know it has terrible taste.

Signboards are kind of a theme this week.

This Will Make You Feel Better

If this doesn't make you smile then I can't help you.


The Barcelona centre-back was impressed by the singer's detailed forecasts from South Africa back in 2010, and resolved to make the World Cup final just to see her again!

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has revealed that he was bowled over by Shakira's knowledge of the weather when the famous couple had just met.

Pique has been together with the Colombian singer for six years, and the couple have two sons together.

But he recalled that when they first met, he used the most inane small talk to strike up conversation with the pop sensation - and was not prepared for the answer.

"I met Shakira in Madrid, when we were preparing for the 2010 World Cup, and after appearing in the Waka Waka video," he explained to TV3 .

"It all started when we were together in South Africa and I wrote to her. She was already there because she sang in the opening ceremony and I asked her what the weather was like.

The secret behind MSN's success
"It is the typical stupid question, and the normal answer is to tell me to bring a jacket."

Shakira, however, proved to have an eye for meteorological detail that Pique was not quite expecting.

"But she started telling me what the weather was like in every single moment and it got to the point where I told her we would have to get to the World Cup final to see her again - she was singing at the final," he added.

"Once we got to that stage, we might as well win it. We got there and we won."


Microservices: Culture -> Strategy -> Skills -> Tools

(This post is related to a presentation I gave about two months ago on microservices tools. If you don't know what that means and/or aren't interested in it then just ignore. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming shortly.)

I was asked give a talk at a microservices seminar. My job was to cover/demo  the tools used for 'typical' microservices deployments. ('Typical' is a generic term and does not lend itself well to this kind of talk, but whatever.) The tool-specific section of that talk is less important than the overarching themes I explored when I introduced the tools. Specifically, I outlined a hierarchy of dependencies that will enable (or derail) any microservices initiative.* They are, in descending order of criticality:
  1. Culture
  2. Strategy
  3. Skills
  4. Tools
Any organization that attempts to adopt a microservices initiative without alignment in all of these key areas will never reach their full potential. At best they will fumble along with intermediate or haphazard success; at worst they will fail spectacularly.

No strategic microservices initiative will succeed without a culture shift. No amount of brilliant developers and their concomitant skills can overcome a weak or antagonistic strategy. And the best tools cannot help you if you don't have the requisite skills.

If you are considering a microservices strategy and aren't sure what tools to use then it is very likely that you have other, more serious challenges. Is your culture in alignment with microservices principles and best practices? Is your strategy in alignment with your culture? Does your team have the skills to execute your strategy? If so, what tools are they most comfortable with?

Of course there are a great many other issues to consider - that's why Amundsen, et. al. wrote a book. Go there for more information, or use the google. It will not take very long to find more information than you ever wanted to know. If that's not enough then I will unpack each of the component dependencies in a later post (get excited!), but if all you take from this is the four key elements then you are off to a good start.

Thanks for reading.

* None of this happens in a vacuum. I adapted the work of the authors of this book along with some interesting and useful strategic thinking from some other hobby interests of mine.

Costa Rica is Nice, You Should Go

Click to Embiggen
Liked my trip to Costa Rica well enough. Had some good experiences, and the yoga was great. I took hardly any photos so the only photo record I have is from my friends that were there at the same time. This is one of those photos.

Having my picture taken is a sadness so as soon as the camera came out I made sure to try and get out of the way. Limited success on the photo-dodge but the result is a good example of how I spent most of my non-yoga time in Santa Teresa and surrounding environs: out hiking or at the beach or on the quad to get to different hiking or beach or lunch spots. Good times.

NYSC 2016 Batch B Orientation Course Starts 24th November - 13th December, 2016

The NYSC has announced that the Orientation course for the 2016 Batch B corp members will start on the 24th of November and run through 13th December (great timing i believe for all prospective corpers).

Also note that schools have started uploading names of successful candidates to the NYSC portal. Visit the site to check if your name has been uploaded.

If your name has been successfully uploaded, don't hesitate to start your registration on the 17th of October (Official date given by NYSC for commencing of registration)

NYSC Batch B Mobilization List 2016 Out- Check List Of Institutions That Has Released Their Senate List

Information reaching us confirmed that some institutions has pasted there list for those that will be mobilized for Batch B from JAMB, We are now using this meduim to inform all Batch B Prospective corp members to contact the Students Affairs Division of their various school to confirm their names.

Below are the list of schools who have successfully pasted their 2016 Batch B List
1. Tai-Solarin University [TASUED]
2. University Of Calabar [UNICAL]
3. University Of Abuja [UNIABUJA]
4. Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta [FUNAA]
5. University Of Nigeria, Nsukka [UNN]
6. Abia State Polytechnic [ABIAPOLY]
7. Obafemi Awolowo University [OAU]
8. Federal Poly Bauchi [BAUCHI POLY]
9. Lagos State Polytechnic [LASPOTECH]
10. Ekiti State University [EKSU]
11. University Of Nsukka [UNN]
12. Delta state Polytechnic,Oghara otefe [DELTA POLY]
13. Federal Polytechnic Ado [ADOPOLY]
14. Delta State University [DELSU]
15. Benue State University [BSU]
16. University Of Maidugiri [UNIMAID]
17. University Of Porthacourt [UNIPORT]
18. Benson Idahosa University [BIU]
19. Modibbo Adama University of Technology YOLA [MAUTECH]
20. Nasarawa State University, Keffi [NSUK]
21. Kaduna State Polytechnic [KADUNAPOLY]
22. Enugu State University [ESUT]
23. Kogi State University [KSU]
24. Obafemi Awolowo University [OAU]
25. Federal University Of Technology Owerri [FUTO]
26. Umaru Musa Yaradua University [UMYU]
27. Cross River University Of Technology
28. Abai State Polytechnic Abia [ABIAPOLY]
29. Adamawa State University, Mubi-Nigeria [ADSU]
30. Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa [NASARAWAPOLY]
31. Benson Idahosa University [BIU]
32. Benue State University, Markurdi [BSU]
33. Federal Polytechnic Idah [IDAHPOLY]
34. Olabisi Onabanjo University, [OOU]
35. Gombe State University [GOMSU]
36. Imo State University [IMSU]
37. Novena University [NOVENAUNI]
38. Moshood Abiola Polytechnic [MAPOLY]
39. Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture [MOUAU]
40. Gateway Polytechnic [GATEWAYPOLY]
41. Tansian University [TANSIAN UNI]
42. Osisatech Poly, Enugu [OSUSTECHPOLY]
43. University Of Ibadan [UNIBADAN]
44. The Polytechnic Ibadan [IBADANPOLY]
45. University of Port Harcourt, [UNIPORT]
46. Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, Zaria [NUBAPOLY]
47. Crawford University [CRAWFORD UNI]
48. Federal University Of Technology Yola [FUTYOLA]
49. Tai Solarin University [TASUED]
50. University Of Calabar [UNICAL]
51. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu
University [COOU]
52. Enugu State University [ESUT]
53. Heritage Polytechnic [HERITAGE POLY]
54. University Of Abuja [UNIABUJA]
55. Kaduna Polytechnic [KADUNAPOLY]
56. Sokoto State Polytechnic [SSP]
57. University Of Nigeria, Nsukka [UNN]
58. Ebonyi State University [EBSU]
59. Osun State University [UNIOSUN]
60. Adekunle Ajasin University [AAU]
61. Federal University Of Petroleum Resources [FUPRE]
62. Federal Polytechnic Nekede [NEKEDEPOLY]
63. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka [UNIZIK]
64. Auchi Polytechnic [AUCHIPOLY]
65. Federal Poly Bauchi [BAUCHIPOLY]
66. Ekiti State University [EKSU]
67. University Of Lagos [UNILAG]
68. University Of Benin [UNIBEN]
69. Igbinedion University
70. University Of Ibadan [UNIBADAN]
71. Lagos State Polytechnic [LAGOSPOLY]
72. University Of Maiduguri [UNIMAID]
73. Usman Danfodio University Sokoto [UDUSOK]
74. Ajayi Crowther University [ACU]
75. Babcock University [BABCOCK UNI]
76. University Of Ilorin [UNILORIN]
77. Kwara State University [KWASU]

We will continue to update the list as we get more information from other schools!!! You can also help us by commenting if your school has also released their list

Van City Beers and Van City Bears

I'm Risk Averse
This is from a couple months ago when I was in Van City. Enjoyed the sign so much I went inside to see what they had in they way of beers. Plus bears are dangerous, and you never know. 

(I didn't see any bears in Van City - I saw a lot of heroin addicts and able-bodied homeless and general street trash but no bears. Go figure.)

Snowflake vectors 2

I've already created two vector snowflake images, trying to make them very similar to original photos. This time i tried different approach: my goal is creating simplified image in just two colors, which represent only most significant details of real snow crystal, traced to smooth curves.

As source images i've picked again large and complex crystal Gardener's dream and small Forget-me-not.

Close-up snowflake picture: Gardener's dream, large stellar dendrite snow crystal with massive arms and big central hexagon, divided by six sectors

Snowflake vector picture: Gardener's dream, blue snow crystal on white background. This image based on real snowflake macro photo
Vector files: EPS and SVG formats, pre-rendered PNG: 8000 x 8000

Prints available at Artist website (mirrors at Pixels and FineArtAmerica), RedBubble.com.
Licenses for commercial use - at Shutterstock.com.

This version shows only highlights of snow crystal's glossy surface on black background:

Snowflake vector image: Gardener's dream, white snow crystal on clear black background. This image based on real snowflake picture
Vector files: EPS and SVG formats, pre-rendered PNG: 8000 x 8000

Prints available at Artist website (mirrors at Pixels and FineArtAmerica), RedBubble.com.
Licenses for commercial use - at Shutterstock.com.

Imho, these vectors looks quite nice on beautiful girls from RedBubble:

Gardener's dream, bright and dark snowflake vector designs at RedBubble.com

Processing workflow for these pictures is simple: i enlarged each snowflake about 4x times and applied Photoshop filter Image -> Adjustments -> Threshold - it allow to choose level of brightness, which divide picture to black and white pixels: any pixel that darker-than-selected level become black, and any that brighter-than-selected level become white. Resulting picture may look quite nice, but contain very jagged and unpleasant lines and edges, if we look closely. This is not problem, however, because vector tracer will convert every pixelated line to nice smooth curve. Also, i applied second filter: Artistic -> Cutout, which does exactly what i need: it simplifies picture and get rid of all small and insignificant image details. After adjusting filter sliders, picture are ready to vectorize.

This time i used nice, fast and free online service Autotracer.org. I applied these settings: number of colors = 2 and in advanced settings, smoothing="smoother". Resulting curves looks good in high resolutions.

Snowflake photo: Forget-me-not, small flower-like snow crystal with unusual dense and complex pattern inside, sparkling on bright blue background

Similar vector version for this small and simple crystal:

Snowflake vector picture: Forget-me-not, blue snow crystal on white background. This image based on real snowflake macro photo
Vector files: EPS and SVG formats, pre-rendered PNG: 8000 x 8000

Licenses for commercial use - at Shutterstock.com.

Snowflake vector image: Forget-me-not, white snow crystal on black background. This image based on real snowflake macro photo
Vector files: EPS and SVG formats, pre-rendered PNG: 8000 x 8000

Licenses for commercial use - at Shutterstock.com.

If you want to see more snowflakes, you can browse through all snowflake pictures.
Here you'll find snowflake photo wallpapers in numerous resolutions and screen proportions, up to Ultra HD 4K.
And here is article about snowflake macro photography.

I Am an International Financier! But Also: Diversify Your Portfolio - Kiva Loans Defaulted :(

I submitted my first loan through Kiva in July 2007, right about the time they blew up on Oprah and got all their loans 100% funded. Since then I have circulated the money to 16 different people, which is quite a few more than the 'average' kiva lender, although this is probably down to the fact that most people loan once or twice and quit out. That's a lot of people to contribute to and help in some some small way.

Kiva provides some useful statistics on your account. Turns out I have been mostly lucky in delinquency rates and default rates, because until recently none of my loans had been delinquent or defaulted.

Now for the less than good news: my luck ran out and I went from a default rate of zero to way past the average when a single organization that was managing a couple of my loans went under and I lost about $100. Sad faces. Per Kiva the average default rate is 1.33%, and my default rate went from zero to 8% overnight. This is disappointing but what can you do? Nothing is guaranteed, life is uncertain, etc and so forth. I'm about to re-lend the money I have in my account now. Let's do this!



Application for Admission to One-Year Training Programme in Modern and Sustainable Agriculture.

The Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) is a charitable company of the A. G. Leventis Group dedicated to the training of farmers in modern and sustainable agricultural practices and rational use of natural resources.

The Foundation has been running agricultural training for youths and farmers since 1987 and currently has six schools in the different agro-ecological zones of Nigeria. The schools located in the FCT, Osun, Ondo, Kaduna, Kano and Gombe states are co-financed by Leventis Foundation and the respective State Governments.

All the Schools offer training to young people (male and female) desirous of making a career in farming.

The comprehensive one-year training exposes the participants to several areas of agriculture and other farm businesses.
The objective of the training, which is FREE OF ALL COSTS, is to create in Nigeria, generations of committed young practical farmers who will act as catalysts for agricultural revolution in their communities.

Admission is open to both male and female candidates. Tuition and boarding (including feeding) is provided free of charge for successful candidates throughout the duration of the course.

Admission Requirements
Applicants should fulfil the following conditions among others;
(a) Be physically fit
(b) Ability to read and write in English (evidence of minimum of junior secondary school may be required)
(c) aged between 18 and 35 years
(d) Pass both written and oral test prior to final selection
(e) Should demonstrate perceivable interest in agriculture
(f) Proof of a farming background is an advantage

Method of Application
Application in applicants own hand writing including concrete information in respect of each of the above requirements together with a letter signed by the Chairman or Secretary of the candidates Local Government of Origin, or an attestation letter from a Justice of Peace (JP), two (2) recent passport size photographs, three (3) references and photocopies of academic qualification(s) or relevant documents should be forwarded to any of the addresses below, preferably, to the school of choice.

(1) Leventis Foundation/Osun State ,Agricultural Training School
Imo, P.M.B. 5074 Ilesa Osun State.

(2) Leventis Foundation/Kano State, Agricultural Training School
Panda, Albasu Local Government P.M.B. 3555, Kano
Kano State.

(3) Leventis Foundation/Kaduna State Agricultural Training School DogonDawa,
BirniGwari LGA, P.M.B1047, Zaria, Kaduna State.

(4)Leventis Foundation/Gombe State Agricultural Training School
Tumu, Akko Local Government Gombe State.

(5) Leventis Foundation/FCTAgricultural Training School,Yaba, Abaji Area Council
P.M.B. 001, Abaji Abuja.

(6) The General Manager (Technical and Training) Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) Ltd/Gte
2, Leventis Close, Central Business District P. O. Box. 20351, Garki, Abuja, FCT.


In addition to the regular one-year training, all Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) schools offer a variety of vocational targeted short courses in several aspects of farming e.g. Poultry production, Vegetable production, Bee-keeping, honey production, Fish farming, Mushroom production etc.

Application deadline is 18th November, 2016

Screening/Examination comes up on Saturday 19th November, 2016

For further enquiries, please contact

Mrs Janet Egbe-Owoicho, Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) Ltd/Gte, Email:leventisfoundation@gmail.com,
Tel: 07085524233


Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programme with biometric capture and account opening commenced in Borno camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP).

The programme is a part of the scheme under the ‘Social Investment Programmes’ of the government of Muhammadu Buhari.

According to this initiative, one million extremely poor Nigerians would receive 5,000 naira monthly in 2016.

Laolu Akande, the special assistant to the vice president Yemi Osinbajo, clarified that for the Conditional Cash Transfer the money would be paid directly to the recipients through a payment system that was being worked out.

Osinbajo’s aide said World Bank and the Bill Gates Foundation were also cooperating with the federal government to develop an efficient payment system.

“All together, about 60 billion naira has been estimated to be paid out to extremely poor Nigerians,” Akande said in a statement.

In a related development, Governor Fayose of Ekiti state has recently announced the beginning of the implementation of its social welfare scheme for the needy, aged and unemployed.

During the presidential campaign Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress, vowed to pay 5,000 naira a month to the unemployed and the poorest youths in the country.

The money that suppose to be evenly distributed amidst all vulnerable Nigerians across all regions is now set for those in a particular region.

This was a result of some individuals from the past that was not doing the needful to their people even though we still praise them as one of the Grandmaster of the independence, yet proper education was not given to them and its now hurting the whole country.

The question now is "was this what PMB promised?"

I thought unemployed individuals will be involved?


With the help of the post about Glo 4G LTE service published at yesterday, you should have known by now if the Glo 4G LTE network is available in your area and I believed that we are all delighted with the announcement due to the fact that we can still be able to flex with Glo's cheap and affordable data bundles as all their plans works with the 4G LTE network.

The next step is to activate your SIM or mobile phone for Glo 4G network, which is similar to the way MTN 4G is activated.

To Activate Glo 4G LTE Nework
First of all, make sure you have a 4G LTE enabled device.

Then, go to the nearby Glo office and buy a new 4G LTE SIM, get it registered or simply swap your normal Glo sim for a 4G LTE sim.

Once it has been successfully swapped, dial *777# to get any of the 4G available plans.

The Glo 4G LTE sim will work on Glo 4G router or any Universal MiFi available to you, but it will not work on a normal 3G Modem. You can also connect your 4G enabled smartphone via hotspot to your PC.

Glo has made it easier for you to know if your phone is compatible with their 4G LTE network, just text 4G to 400 and you'll receive a message telling you if its compatible or not.

If you have started using the Glo 4G LTE service. Please share your experience in the comments section below.


MTN NG makes their 4G LTE service available for all states in Nigeria.

Following the acquisition of Visafone by MTN earlier in 2016, they have launched their 4G network and makes 4G data plans available for Nigerians while some of the users are already enjoying it.

MTN 4G LTE only available in selected states before, it is now available in all states. To use MTN 4G data plan, you must be using a compatible phone and must have swapped your sim for MTN 4G sim card from any MTN office nearest to you before you can be part of MTN 4G evolution.

To make things simple, MTN Nigeria makes available a short message code that can be easily used to confirm if your smartphone is compatible.

If compatible, you can then go to a nearest MTN office and swapped your sim for MTN 4G sim card.

To Check if Your Smartphone is Compatible with MTN 4G Service
Your phone must be 4G enabled. If not, don’t bother.

Simply text 4G to 131

If your smartphone is compatible, you will receive a message that;

Yello! Your device is 4G ready but you need to upgrade your SIM to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. Please visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer for a sim swap now.

If your phone is not compatible, you will receive a message that;

Yello! You need to upgrade your SIM card and device to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. Please visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer to upgrade now.

If your Smartphone is compatible, visit the nearest MTN office and swapped your sim for MTN 4G sim card.

MTN 4G Data Plans and How to Subscribe
If you have confirmed your smartphone that it's compatible with MTN 4G network and you have swapped to MTN 4G compatible sim.

Dial *444# to check and choose MTN 4G data plan suitable for you. Below are some of their available data plans.

100MB for N500 (Valid for 7 days).
150MB for N499 (Valid for 24 hours).
200MB for N1000 (Valid for 30 days).
Unlimited data for N36,999 (Valid for 30 days).
42GB for N66499 (Valid for 12 Months).
10GB for N6000 (Valid for 30 days).
15GB for N10,000 (Valid for 30 days).

If you have started using the MTN 4G service, can you tell us your view about the speed of their 4G network?


Nigeria’s telecommunication giant, Globacom has instituted the country’s first world-class nationwide mobile 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. The development is consequent upon its successful multi-dimensional test-run of the advanced network.

Globacom’s executives, Ayo-Fasan Temitope, Brand Specialist, Kamaldeen Shonibare, Head, Corporate Sales, and Sanjib Roy, Regional Director, Technical at the launch of Glo world class 4G LTE nationwide network in Lagos on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Telecom subscribers in key cities in Lagos, Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Abuja in the Federal Capital City, Jos in Plateau State, Warri in Delta State, Eket in Akwa Ibom State, Benin City in Edo State, Yola in Adamawa State and Zaria in Kaduna State are privileged to enjoy instant connection to Glo 4G LTE network, while roll-out to other major cities of the country will be effected in quick succession in the coming days.

Globacom said its 4G LTE is the country’s first nationwide network implementation, and offers instant efficient broadband internet to millions of Nigerians at speeds multiple times faster than the 3G network, thereby enabling customers to download ultra high definition videos within seconds.

This is a major milestone which will enable the data grandmasters, Globacom, to give its subscribers data intensive applications. The development, said industry watchers, is great news to individuals who consume huge volumes of data, as well as government and corporate organisations like banks, oil and gas companies, academic institutions and health institutions, which depend extensively on seamless data transfer for their operations.

Head, Corporate Sales, Globacom, Kamaldeen Shonibare said at the launch in Lagos that “We are pleased to once again play a leading role in empowering Nigerians with world class data services, which will help to close the digital divide.

In the last one and a half years, the people of this great country have spoken repeatedly by making Globacom the largest data network in new subscriptions.

The best we can do for our people who believe in us and made us their number one data network is to give them the best technology. What we are offering is the new speed of life” glo 4g lte.

Globacom’s senior officials, Fred Edevbiri of the Legal Department, Ayo-Fasan Temitope, Brand Specialist, Kamaldeen Shonibare, Head, Corporate Sales, and Sanjib Roy, Regional Director, Technical, at the launch of Glo 4G LTE nationwide network in Lagos on Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

The launch of 4G/LTE services by Globacom promises a basket of hard-to-beat 4G data bundle offers to all categories of subscribers for access to the revolutionary products and services. Benefits accruing to subscribers on the strength of the innovation include free access to thousands of music, videos and movies on demand.

For instance, for only N500, subscribers will get a whopping 1.6GB of data, while N1000 will give them 3.2GB data. Other exciting offers include 7.5GB for N2000, 10GB for N2,500, 18GB for N4000 and 24GB for N5000.

The very cost effective data plans range from N50 to N18,000.

Globacom also disclosed that it was offering a brand new 4G LTE router which provides access to Ultra High Speed Internet and landline, with free SIM, 60Gb of shareable data valid for a month. It will also give access to free world-class contents for a set up cost of N31,000.

Subscribers who prefer MiFi, can enjoy the brand’s bundling of its 4G MiFi with free SIM, 60Gb of shareable data valid for one month and free world-class content at a set up fee of N25,000.

Shonibare disclosed further that the Glo 4G LTE services would make life more exciting, comfortable and enjoyable for Nigerians as the advanced technology would touch all aspects of life from education to agriculture and medical care.

“Our subscribers today already enjoy downloading music, video and movie contents while also streaming contents on their phones and other devices. But the new Glo 4G LTE network offers subscribers a significantly improved experience. The video and voice quality in video calls on different applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber etc is a lot clearer while the picture quality is crisper, and the transmission is faster,” he declared.

According to him, the technology will give most of the over 150 million telecom subscribers in Nigeria access to the internet at a much faster speed, while they can also enjoy ultra high definition video without buffering as they utilise other high intensive data applications seamlessly.

Shonibare added that Globacom was the digital network for both the present and future generations.

“We’re the next generation network, the grandmasters of data. That is why we have taken the lead in providing 4G LTE nationwide with mobility for Nigerians. We want them to experience the power of real time mobile broadband technology at the most affordable rates,” he enthused.

Subscribers who wish to join the most advanced network are encouraged to buy and register a 4G LTE Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) or swap his or her existing SIM for a 4G SIM, get a 4G phone and dial *777# to buy a data plan. He urged subscribers to visit the nearest Gloworld shop to connect to the Glo 4G LTE and enjoy the boundless opportunities offered by the advanced and superior technology.

Fix That with Gum

Turns out you can fix high-pressure hydraulic seals with chewing gum! This fun fact would be a lot more interesting if chewing gum and o-ring seals commonly used in this application were not comprised of the same material.

This man is a hero. "We'll use the old saskatchewan socket on it - we know we got it just the right tightness because it's rounded right off'. 


The 2015/16 Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) season comes to a halt on Sunday with mouthwatering clashes on offer and the big prize to play for on the final day of the campaign.

This has been one of the unpredictable seasons in recent years as the title race is now down to just two teams not many believed will throw their hats in the ring and even displace the bookmakers' favourites at the start of this season.

Whoever between Rangers and Rivers United clinch the title on Sunday, it will go down as great achievement for the two clubs after surviving the drop last season to remain in the league, and then turning things around to become title contenders, and may be champions when the final day comes to an end.

At the same time, not many of the bookmakers and pundits saw it coming for the 'big two,' Enyimba and Kano Pillars, as they were referred before the start of this season considering the fact that the last four titles have been between them.

We look at expected moments to savour at the end of the final matchday.

New champions emerge after four seasons
For the first time since 2012, the stronghold of the 'big two' is broken. Kano Pillars claimed the title in 2012, 2013 ad 2014 before Enyimba nixed their dominance to claim a seventh record title.

Now that has changed as Rangers with their brand of free-flowing attacking football are now regarded title favourites going into the final day while Rivers United remain in the mathematical equation but the do not have their fate in their hands going into the last day of the season.

Rangers need just a point when they host El-Kanemi Warriors at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu now nicknamed 'The Cathedral' by their supporters. On the other hand, Rivers United will have to win by at least a four-goal margin at Akwa United and then hope that El-Kanemi do them a favour by gate-crashing the party in the Coal City.

Whatever happens on Sunday, NPFL faithful are guaranteed to have new champions different from Enyimba or Kano Pillars.

Enyimba's seventh record title equalled?
Last season, the Peoples Elephant put their noses in front ahead of the more traditional sides like Rangers, Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC) and Heartland by winning a seventh record title. Well that proud record will only last just about a year as Rangers are already being branded champions-elect by pundits and bookies.

But the Coal City side know that nothing is cast in stone yet as they have 90 minutes to make it real and end their long wait of more than three decades. Their coach, Imama Amapakabo, told npfl.ng: "We are keeping everyone on their toes in the club and especially the players as we have made them realise that the title has not been won yet."

32-year wait comes to an end?
This is the big question on everyone's lips. The truth is there will be jangling nerves. Twitching fingers. Hearts in mouths. That will be mood inside Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, or The Cathedral, as faithful of Flying Antelopes prefer to call their ground these days. So the wait continues until 6pm on Sunday when the final day of the NPFL would have concluded.

Tussle for continental spots goes down to the wire
The talk has almost been on Rangers closing in on a first title in 32 years. Ahead of the final matchday, only Rangers are guaranteed a place on the continent - and in the CAF Champions League too.

So it will be a tussle to finish in the top-three among Rivers United, FC Ifeanyiubah, Wikki Tourists and Sunshine Stars, who still have some kind of mathematical calculation that could prop them up provided they win on the final day. Sunshine Stars face Wikki in Bauchi.

Two more teams drop to the second tier
If everyone is talking about the race for the continental spaces going to the wire, the battle for survival at the deep end of the table should take front-burner as well. Four clubs, Abia Warriors, Heartland, MFM FC and Warri Wolves, still have to wait till Sunday evening to know their fate.

Heartland have never been relegated from the top division face Plateau United in Jos and can only secure their status with an outright win though a loss and then failure by MFM FC and Wolves to avoid defeats against FC Ifeanyiubah will see them survive the drop.

MFM after putting up some eye-catching performance in the season, find themselves in trouble. They have to beat FC Ifeanyiubah and hope any of Abia Warriors and Heartland slip up. It is same for Wolves though they will need to win by a margin of at least six goals.

Abia Warriors, according to pundits, look like the team with the best chance of survival going into the final day. They are three points better than fourth from bottom side, MFM and host Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC) at home. The battle to beat the drop is certainly on.

Race for top scorer settled?
The final day surely will be full of battles - for title, for continental spots and for survival. However, there will be one individual prize at stake to claim among the league's sharpshooters. Wikki forward, Godwin Obaje, on paper and according to pundits, look home and dry with 18 goals, four more than FC Ifeanyiubah's Ismaila Gata.

On 13 goals is Abdulrahman Bashir of Nasarawa United while the duo of Chisom Egbuchulam and Anthony Okpotu are on 12 goals apiece. That certainly sums it up this for the race of top scorer.


Rangers took no chances in their final charge for the Nigeria Professional Football League title as they went rampant against visiting El-Kanemi by hitting them 4-0 on the last match day of the season played at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu, now nicknamed 'The Cathedral,' on Sunday evening.

They had come into the game with one grip on the trophy, being on top of the log with 60 points while their closest rivals, Rivers United was on 57 points but permutations were on that should anything go wrong for Rangers and should Rivers United defeat Akwa United in Uyo, it would be down to checking goals difference, a situation that Rangers did not want to be.

Moreso, the El-Kanemi players had sent a threat, as voiced by their top scorer, Ibrahim Mustapha that they were in Enugu for a revenge, recalling that two seasons ago, they were at the point of victory but it was Rangers that denied them the needed points on the final day.

Given these El-Kanemi pre-match comments, Rangers went for the sledge hammer which they unleashed furiously on El-Kanemi with Chisom Egbuchulam opening score on three minutes from a well executed spot kick.

Osas Okoro made sure to double the lead before the half time while Egbuchulam called again in the middle of the second half following an exhibition of beautiful combination with Obinna Nwobodo and Okoro.

Egbuchulam returned to the box to get his hat-trick after substitute, Ifeanyi Egwim was brought down in the box by El-Kanemi goalkeeper Kazeem Yekeen who was immediately red carded.

The evening in Enugu would represent the most momentous football carnival in the history of Nigerian football with a multitude of joyous fans on hand to celebrate the return of Rangers to glory after 32 years. The atmosphere was indescribable with non-stop replays of Mexican waves and rendition of the club's anthem, 'Holy! Holy! Holy! Enugu Rangers, another champion.'

Egwim's injury however produced a bit of an anti-climax to the celebrations when the ambulance arrived to take him away and news filtered out that the damage to his leg was serious.

Enugu State Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, we gathered, has ordered that he should be immediately flown abroad for specialist treatment.

Overwhelmed with joy for bringing Rangers back to reckoning, Coach Imama Amapakabo said he was optimistic from the beginning of the season that Rangers will finish with the title and they worked hard for it.

On his future with the club, he said: "It all depends on what the management wants."


Fuelled by an ear-piercing noise at ‘the Cathedral’, coach Imama Akpakabo’s men put up an imposing performance to emerge as Nigeria topflight kings Chisom Egbuchulam will be the toast of Enugu Rangers, as his hat-trick silenced El-Kanemi Warriors 4-0 and hand Enugu Rangers their first Nigeria Professional Football League title in 32 years.

Imama Amapakabo’s men could have emerged champions after defeating Ikorodu United in Abeokuta, but they had to wait till the last game after Rivers United played a 0-0 draw versus Abia Warriors in Port Harcourt.

Social media exploded after the Flying Antelopes were crowned champions on Sunday, the first title after three decades
Twitter went into a meltdown after Enugu Rangers became Nigeria Professional Football League champions following their 4-0 victory against El-Kanemi on Sunday.

Imama Amapakabo’s men needed at least a draw to emerge as champions after Wikki Tourists and Rivers United had stuttered in the title race.

And after Ferdinand Udoh’s full-time whistle sounded around Nnamdi Azikwe Stadium and it sunk in that Rangers had won their first Nigeria topflight title after 32-years, Twitter exploded and it felt like half the country took to the social media platform to congratulate them on their efforts.

We've taken a look at some of the best ones here...

Victory at last for @RangersIntFC after 32 years of wait. Congratulations to coach Imama and his men for this historic feat
5:17 PM - 2 Oct 2016
Shina Oludare @sportingshina

Congratulations to Enugu Rangers on winning NPFL title
5:19 PM - 2 Oct 2016
Gbogbo Eléré @Leshowww

Congratulations @RangersIntFC for clinching the #NPFL title after 32 years of wait.
5:21 PM - 2 Oct 2016
Oluseye Peter @petphil001

CONGRATULATIONS Rangers International!!!!
6:05 PM - 2 Oct 2016
Adepoju Tobi Samuel@OgaNlaMedia

Enugu Rangers be balling on †ђξ final day of †ђξ NPFL..4-nil whooping of El Kanemi...What a way to end †ђξ season as "champions" after 32yrs
6:08 PM - 2 Oct 2016
Emmanuel CAINE Amolo @EmmanuelAmolo

All rap up for Enugu Rangers, they are the crowed champion of the league...
6:06 PM - 2 Oct 2016
AKPOS BEST @akposbest

Hat-trick for Chisom Egbuchulam as Enugu Rangers beat El-Kanemi Warriors 4-0 to win the 2015/2016 NPFL title. Well deserved!
6:03 PM - 2 Oct 2016
Austin Okon-Akpan @ProudlyAustin

Enugu Rangers International Finally Get A Trophy After 32 Years
6:05 PM - 2 Oct 2016

Congratulations to the players, people and supporters of Rangers International Football Club of Enugu.
Champions of the #NPFL 2016.
6:12 PM - 2 Oct 2016
Bolarinwa Olajide @iambolar


Capped column (reworked)

I've already processed this unusual snowflake three years ago, but recently pull it out of archive and decided to fully re-process. I'm happy to see that my processing workflow improved over time: new version have slightly better details, colors and contrast. Also, i keep lots of empty space around crystal in all directions, and created special variant with isolated snowflake on transparent background: all this is needed for quality prints on various products. I glad that such tiny snow crystal (slightly bigger than 1 millimeter on longer axis) now available in full range of print variations.

Snowflake macro photo: Capped column, unusual snow crystal with massive icy column and two small hexagonal caps on opposite ends
Snowflake photo: Capped column, new variant (1200 x 900)

Prints available at Artist website (mirrors at Pixels and FineArtAmerica), RedBubble.com.
Licenses for commercial use - at Shutterstock.com, 500px.com.

8 RAW photos was taken as quick series, aligned and averaged to improve signal / noise ratio of this picture.

Here you can see differences between old and new processing:

Comparison snowflake picture: unusual capped column snow crystal - old vs new processing
Old vs new capped column pictures

And here you'll find another, even more strange variant of capped column - with thin column, and caps of different shape and size:

Snowflake macro photo: small snow crystal of capped column type with thin column and wide caps of different size and shape

If you want to see more snowflakes, you can browse through all snowflake pictures.
Here you'll find snowflake photo wallpapers in numerous resolutions and screen proportions, up to Ultra HD 4K.
And here is article about snowflake macro photography.


Rank Team P W D L Pts GF GA +/-
1. Rangers International FC 35 17 9 9 60 49 37 12

2. Rivers United FC 35 18 3 14 57 36 28 8

3. FC IfeanyiUbah 35 16 8 11 56 37 32 5

4. Wikki Tourists 35 15 9 11 54 43 28 15

5. Sunshine Stars 35 14 11 10 53 44 35 9

6. Lobi Stars FC 35 15 7 13 52 39 35 4

7. Kano Pillars 35 15 6 14 51 46 39 7

8. El-Kanemi Warriors FC 35 16 3 16 51 37 38 -1

9. Nasarawa United FC 35 16 2 17 50 41 41 0

10. Enyimba International FC 36 14 8 14 50 34 35 -1

11. Niger Tornadoes 35 15 3 17 48 39 41 -2

12. Plateau United 35 13 9 13 48 33 36 -3

13. Akwa United FC 35 13 8 14 47 44 44 0

14. Shooting Stars 35 14 5 16 47 40 46 -6

15. Abia Warriors 35 11 12 12 45 33 38 -5

16. Heartland FC 35 11 10 14 43 24 29 -5

17. MFM FC 35 11 9 15 42 35 40 -5

18. Warri Wolves FC 35 11 9 15 42 28 38 -10

19. Ikorodu United FC 35 7 11 17 32 32 54 -22
20. Giwa FC 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

P = Played
W = Wins
D = Draws
L = Losses
Pts = Points
GF = Score For
GA = Score Against
+/- = Difference


1. Can Rivers United snatch the title in Uyo? It will be near impossible for the Pride of Rivers to win the league title this season after their dreams evaporated against Abia Warriors last Sunday.

They must beat Akwa United by four goals on Sunday and hope that Enugu Rangers slip up at home against El Kanemi Warriors. Rivers United won’t have under performed even if they fail to qualify for the continent (which looks very unlikely) at the end of the season .


2. What have Enyimba, Kano Pillars and others learnt from their turbulent seasons? The People’s Elephant and Sai Masu Gida have shared the league title between themselves in the last four seasons, but both fell terribly short this term.

Enyimba will finish below 10th having completed their matches for the season, while Pillars could only go as high as fifth even with a cricket scoreline against Niger Tornadoes on Sunday. The two clubs must deeply reflect on their failings this season in order to improve for next term.

3. What has gone wrong with Warri Wolves? The Seasiders will be relegated on Sunday if Heartland beat Plateau United in Jos. It has been an unreal season for Wolves, who were serious contenders for the league title last season.

There is only a thin line between success and failure, and the lack of funds which forced many of their top stars to leave for greener pasture is beginning to catch up with them. They need a miracle this weekend!

4. Would Rangers be worthy champions? Enugu Rangers have been the most improved NPFL side this season with their impressive performances and even though they laboured to some draws at home, they weren't demoralized and clawed back points on the road, even getting three points at difficult places like Uyo, Owerri and Abeokuta.

They have an end to their barren run in sight and shouldn’t need to wait as long again to repeat the feat if they keep the current squad intact.


5. Would Wikki Tourists have under performed if they miss out on continental competition? 'Yes' would be the appropriate answer because a popular adage says that thunder never strikes at the same spot twice; the Bauchi side were deserving of a place in Africa last season but lost it during the final three games of the season.

They are in similar circumstances this term and will be hard hit if FC Ifeanyi Ubah secure a win in Lagos against MFM. They must remain prayerful that a home win over Sunshine Stars will be enough to earn them a continental ticket.

6. What can Heartland do to remain in the top flight? The Naze Millionaires would have secured their safety with their home victory over Kano Pillars last Sunday had they not lost in Owerri to Ikorodu United some weeks ago.

They still have a chance to avoid the drop with a win in Jos against Plateau United and, with their hosts already guaranteed a spot in next season's league, they will only be playing for pride in front of their fans.

Stay to read the 38 weeks matches preview