Icy jewel

Close-up snowflake picture: Icy jewel, large snow crystal with short, broad arms and complex inner pattern, sparkling on dark woolen background
Snowflake photo: Icy jewel (2048 x 1536)

Prints of this snow crystal available at: Artist website (mirrors at Pixels and FineArtAmerica), RedBubble.com.
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Interior with snowflake print, haning on wall: real snow crystal with short, broad branches and complex inner structure

This snowflake is relatively big (around 4 millimeters from tip to tip), with simple shape, but complex inner pattern (especially at arms). If you look closely at this crystal, you may notice that it slightly resembles triangular snowflakes (some examples: Enigma, Almost triangle and Four directions): like these snow crystals, it have hexagonal symmetry, but with interleaving shorter/longer sides of central hexagon. In this case, however, triangular structure is hardly noticeable.

Also, you can find small and simple plate crystal at surface of bigger one, and this tiny companion also have triangular structure, with three shorter and three longer sides. This is strange and beautiful couple, in my opinion.

8 identical photos averaged to boost signal-to-noise ratio. Background: dark woolen fabric, natural light (cloudy sky), external optics Helios 44M-5, December 2014, Moscow, Russia.

This jewel available as ultra HD wallpaper:

Snowflake photo wallpaper: Icy jewel, resolution up to Ultra HD 4K, standard and widescreen, 4:3, 5:4, 16:10 and 16:9, free download

One year ago i've captured similar snowflake: The core, smaller crystal with almost perfect hexagonal symmetry and simple, though interesting, volume surface:

Snowflake picture: The core - clear transparent snow crystal with short and broad arms, glowing on dark cyan textured background

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